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Take Back What’s Yours!

Showcase for Resellers: Take back whats yours - Watch the video

Your clients want apps. And they’re hiring others for the job

This is new territory for established creative agencies. They’re watching their revenue stream reduce to a trickle, while their clients divert their budgets toward app developers. Even world-class agencies are branding internal app-development agencies to meet the need. Or they’re partnering with these new app developers.

This is reactive. Not solid grounding for long-term service or success. We saw it happen with social media a few years ago. We’re seeing it happen with apps today.

That’s revenue siphoning out of your budget

Many companies don’t need a custom app coded from the ground up. They’re wasting tens of thousands of dollars on something that will go out of date within a year. That’s money they could spend at your agency.

In many cases, your customers just need something that will align with their brand, update smoothly, and allow them to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology. They just need you to introduce them to Showcase Workshop, the fully brandable, content management and presentation app for tablets.

Create three new revenue streams for your agency.